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ReClick Review

What if there was a system in place that can allow you to detect what your visitors are planning to buy on your eCom stores so you can offer them bigger bundle deals that will make even more money.

For example: detecting a woman with a newborn baby and offering them a baby care bundle kit selling at $300.

Wouldn’t that be so amazing?

Now you can with this brand new eCommerce app: ReClick App

All you need to do is create a campaign which takes less than 2 minutes… copy the embed code of the campaign and paste it onto your store and let it run on complete auto-pilot.

The new ReClick app will run behind the scenes using it’s flagship behaviour-monitoring engine to study the behaviour of customers on your store, segment them based on their behavior then deploy irresistible offers to each segment and converting sales for you from just about any corner you could think of.

And if you’re more interested in building a list of buyers you can always promote offers to then all you need to is just switch up to a new template inside ReClick and you’ll go from promoting and selling more products inside your store to growing a huge email list fast.

What this app lets you do on your eCommerce stores (Shopify, Amazon, BigCommerce, etc.) is out of the ordinary and you won’t need to change a single thing that’s already existing inside your store.

Go here to watch the demonstration video!

And it works for any niche and on many of the eCommerce platforms you already use including Shopify etc.

The best part you don’t need to split test or track anything, you don’t need to edit your product pitch, you don’t need any boring landing page either and you don’t need to source more products or drive more traffic to make sales.

ReClick will plug into any campaign, store or funnel you have running right now and explode your conversions from inside out – all you need is just copy and paste the tiny embed code.

Also they are no helfty price tag or monthly subscriptions needed to start using ReClick on your store – it will cost you only a small token for a lifetime access to create and run unlimited campaigns.

Get Your ReClick Lifetime Access Here »

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