Ordinary Sales Funnel vs. Customer-Driven Funnels

Mints App Review - Ordinary Sales Funnel vs. Customer-Driven Funnels

Have you ever tried to sell honey to a bee?

Wait, scratch that…

Can you sell Samsung 6s to a staunch, dedicated Apple fan?

Quite impossible right and that’s why your sales funnel suck and not making you so much money right now.

You’re always trying to shove products down your customer’s throat without finding out exactly what they truly need and you thought it was impossible to do so until now.

A new tool tell you what your customers want to buy…

It’s called Mints App!

You see, this is not your problem alone… it’s a general problem with normal sales funnels, they just try to sell products without knowing what the audience.

Imagine this: if you offer coaching for list building and you drive traffic to the offer, chances are that some of your prospects already have lists and want to know how to create products to sell to the list and make money.

What if: you could create a funnel that first asks your audience if they want “build their lists or create products that make money” and depending on the choice they make, you can sell exactly that to them.

Even better, you get to interact and engage them all in a matter of minutes – all these can be done using a brand new marketing technology called Customer-Driven Funnels and you can easily build these funnels with a newly launched platform Mints App.

Watch this short video to see how to build profitable customer-driven funnels with Mints!

Customer-driven funnels are the new sales funnels and they’re making the old ways of capturing leads and selling products online obsolete.

Mints App is pioneering a new way of engaging your audience and turning into loyal customers that buy your products over and over again using gorgeous, interactive and highly addictive polls.

It’s creating a whole new technology of selling online based on interactions and the platform just launched publicly on JVZoo for an early bird offering and you can lock a lifetime access for just a few bucks.

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