How to Convert a Shopify Store into an Android App with AllAppPress

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Have you heard about Shopify?

I’m pretty sure you have. It’s an eCommerce platform which can help you sell physical products online.

People are making tons of money from Shopify Store Daily, but they all are making 1 grave mistake. They are loosing out on free mobile traffic.

Yes, people are purely relying on paid traffic for selling goods and they have to acquire a new customer everyday to make money.

But what if I can show you a way where you can get loads of free traffic daily and where you can keep on selling to existing customers over and over again…

Introducing AllAppPress

AllAppPress is a webapp which will help you convert your existing website into an Android App in 1 click.

Use AllAppPress to convert your Shopify Store into an Android App. Upload this App on Google Play Store and start getting free traffic. And now, you can be in touch with your existing customers with the help of Push Notifications and keep them updated with your latest products and offers.

Bring your existing customers back to your store with the help of discount coupons.

Sounds Easy? That’s because it is easy!

Convert your Shopify Store into an Android App in 5 simple steps and start getting boatloads of traffic and sales daily…

Check Out The Demo Here ยป

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