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WordPress Fast Track Review PLR Bonuses

Marketing buddy Jonathan Teng and his team have released a new private label course dedicated to WordPress.

Now you may already have training courses covering this subject, but WordPress is one of those topics that constantly changes.

Just look at how much the admin control panel of WordPress has changed over the years and you’ll know what I mean.

To combat this problem and to keep you in the game, you can now get your hands on an up-to-date course that will sell for many more years to come.

If you weren’t already aware you can now start selling your 24-part WordPress video course with 99% of the work already done for you.

WordPress Fast Track is a brand new course that teaches beginners how to use and master all the important features of WordPress.

And because this is a new release, you can rest assured that you’ll be providing the most up to date information!

So why WordPress you may ask?…

* The keyword ‘WordPress’ receives 450,000 search requests every month.
* The platform runs more than 66 million websites, nearly 20% of all sites worldwide.
* 25% of uses make a full time living off it.
* Over 285 million plugins have been downloaded since its release.
* Has been translated into 73 different languages.
* Is one of the most requested skills in the world.
* Is the best blogging and CMS platform available.

These statistics are definitely eye-openers and it’s becoming really obvious that there’s a huge market for this topic.

Knowing this, do you think it would be a profitable venture to start selling a training courses dedicated to teaching WordPress? You bet!

Here’s a look at what you’ll be teaching your customers…

Video #1 – What is WordPress?
Video #2 – WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com
Video #3 – Logging in to WordPress
Video #4 – The WordPress Dashboard
Video #5 – The WordPress Admin Toolbar
Video #6 – WordPress Settings
Video #7 – Pages and Posts in WordPress
Video #8 – Writing a Post in WordPress
Video #9 – Making Links in Posts in WordPress
Video #10 – Inserting Pictures into a Post in WordPress
Video #11 – The Media Library
Video #12 – Formatting Your Posts in WordPress
Video #13 – How to Schedule Your Posts
Video #14 – Categories and Tags
Video #15 – Pages in WordPress
Video #16 – Page Templates
Video #17 – WordPress Plugins
Video #18 – Installing Plugins in WordPress
Video #19 – WordPress Themes
Video #20 – Customizing Appearance
Video #21 – Installing WordPress Themes
Video #22 – Making a Custom Menu
Video #23 – Comments in your WordPress site
Video #24 – Users in your WordPress site

And if you ever find yourself stuck with what to do with your PLR products, here’s 22 creative ways to get the most from them…

* Sell the video training directly
* Add this to your paid membership site
* Turn the videos into reports to sell
* Sell it on Amazon Kindle
* Rework the content for your webinars
* Create outlines for your seminars
* Turn into paid email series
* Use as a live event bonus
* Use it to refer-a-friend bonus
* Offer it as a bonus to your paid offers
* Create physical products from it
* Create lessons for your coaching
* Sell the videos as backend offers
* Use videos to build massive list
* Create viral giveaways on Facebook
* Engage your followers with it
* Create podcast episodes
* Use content for your newsletters
* Use content as an affiliate bonus
* Create affiliate tools with the videos
* Sell the videos in DVDs
* Translate & sell in multiple languages


Exclusive Bonus #1: Market Analysis Video
You’ll not only get a ‘ready-made’ business-in-a-box package but you’ll also receive a uniquely recorded video educating you about the market you’ll be selling to.
You’ll get clear and precise directions about how to sell this training to the internet marketing crowd.

Exclusive Bonus #2: PLR Mastery Training
You’ll also get access on the most EXTENSIVE training on how to master private label rights products and make money with them easily.
You’ll receive webinars several times per month to answer many questions that you may have. These live events are also recorded and can be accessed at anytime.

With these bonuses alone you’ll never run out of ideas to monetize the PLR products.

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