7 Creative Ways To Use PLR To Boost Sales

7 Creative Ways To Use PLR To Boost Sales

Ever feel like you’re spending more time in your business rather than being on top of it?

Many beginners, even seasoned marketers go through the same dilemma.

Instead of promoting their product, they’re busy creating it. Instead of getting traffic, they’re busy researching. Instead of making money, they’re busy creating content.

No one wants to spend all day doing tasks that don’t produce noticeable results. Your time is always better spent growing your business.

Here’s 7 creative ways to maximize your earning potential and do what the majority won’t do!

Money Making Idea #1
Got a bunch of PLR articles or Adsense website templates or blogs? Sell the Adsense Cash Cow ebook, then-upsell a packaged of ‘Made For Adsense’ niche blogs or websites for a higher price. You could even recommend that Adsense program as an affiliate in your ebook!

Money Making Idea #2
Sell ‘How To Catch A Cheating Lover’ on ClickBank and offer 75% commission. Let the affiliates do the selling for you so you can build a list and generate passive profit. In your ebook and autoresponder sequence you can affiliate and review equipment to help your customers with their problem such as hidden cameras, computer surveillance software, landline telephone recorded, etc.

Money Making Idea #3
Want to start a low-cost high-value membership? Strip the contents from ’15 I.M. Questions Answered’ and turn it into a paid newsletter or as part of a membership. Deliver 1 answer per week to keep your members happy for a month. Mix and match with ‘Make Money Selling Nothing’ and ‘Affiiate Wise Guy’ to provide content for several months! Got more PLR ebooks? Organize all your content in a logical order and you’ll easily create a 52-week automated membership that you will never have to update!

Money Making Idea #4
Already in the internet marketing niche and want to dig deeper? Attract a new audience by offer ‘Work At Home For Busy Moms’ as your front-end product. Now you can re-market your existing products with a quick title alternation. Selling a blogging course? Rename it to ‘Blogging Made Easy For Self-Employed Moms’. Selling a mindset course? Rename it to ‘7 Skills Every Single Mom Needs To Succeed Online’.

Money Making Idea #5
Want to enter the dating niche with a bang? Break down the chapters of ‘Help I’m A Nervous Wreck’ into several mini-articles. Create PowerPoint slides from them, add in some stock photos, hire a voice-over to read and record the slides on Fiverr. Then have them compile the audio and video and you have a video ready to submit to YouTube for free traffic. You could covert the entire product into a video course and offer it as an up-sell or even increase the front-end price for more profit!

Money Making Idea #6
Create ‘leaked’ teaser versions of each ebook by removing 50%-75% of the content. At the beginning and end of the product add a text link to your sales letter where they can buy the full version of the product. If you cut your ‘teaser’ product right in the middle of an important topic, then your reader will definitely want to grab the full product without hesitation.

Money Making Idea #7
Bundle similar topics together to increase your offer value. Sell ‘Internet Marketing For Busy Moms’, ’15 I.M. Questions’ and ‘Affiliate Wise Guy’ as one offer. If you sold 1 product for $9.95, you could easily offer all 3 for $19.95. This allows your customer to spend more whilst saving more whilst you increase your profits.

If you’re looking for a set of high quality professionally written ebooks to not only sell as your own, but to build your list, connect with your readers, embed your links to generate commission sales, use as a front-end to widen your sales funnel or re-purpose into articles, blog posts, email newsletters, affiliate material and more then you’ll want to check out this latest PLR deal…

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