EasyAzon 4.0 – New Amazon Affiliate WordPress Software

EasyAzon v4

How would you like to save time and earn more money from your Amazon affiliate links? Sounds too good to be true right? Watch this demo of the new EasyAzon WordPress plugin so you can see exactly how it’s done.

EasyAzon 4.0 is an incredibly advanced WordPress plugin that helps you create high conversion Amazon affiliate links in seconds.

Here’s what EasyAzon 4.0 can do without fussing with HTML, CSS or any code… Save you a ton of time:

  1. Create Amazon affiliate links without leaving your WordPress dashboard
  2. Individually or site wide you can make your affiliate links… a) Open in new windows when clicked b) Apply the no follow attribute (avoid wasting link juice) c) Cloak (to help prevent Google from seeing your links) Help you get more commissions d) Display a product pop up when a user hovers over a link this grabs a visitors attention and helps drive more clicks e) Enable add to cart functionality so that when a user clicks one of your links the product is added to their shopping cart. When this is done the cookie length is increased to 90 total days which gives you more time to get a commission f) Profit from your global traffic with automatic link localization. Example: Display Amazon.co.uk affiliate links to visitors from the UK. This is a huge extra commission booster and helps you profit off your normally wasted global search engine traffic. EasyAzon supports every country Amazon does business including: United States, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain and the United Kingdom Combine all those time saving and money making features and you can also create a wide range of Amazon affiliate links as well.

Create Multiple High Conversion Affiliate Link Types Amazon only offers a few built in options using their slow cumbersome tool, BUT we’ve built in functionality to create several different affiliate link types including:

  1. Text based affiliate links (to individual products or search pages)
  2. Image based affiliate links (select between various image sizes)
  3. Product info graphs which include image, pricing info and buy button
  4. Call to action buy now on Amazon buttons If you’re just creating affiliate links using Amazon.com you are 100% guaranteed to be missing out on commissions and wasting a lot of time in the process as well.

Get EasyAzon 4.0 here before the limited price discount expires.

The price of this software is currently over 40% off but will go up as the launch continues. Don’t miss this awesome updated software: EasyAzon 4.0

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