WP Sales Chimp – This One Tweak Is Costing You Sales

WP Sales Chimp

Let me ask you question…

Do you use affiliate links in your business or any marketing links for that matter?

I’m sure you do – getting people to click on our links is how we make money.

But sometimes these links look REALLY ugly, right?

You know what I mean… those REALLY, REALLY long and spammy looking links…

Did you know that it’s been proven that using “ugly” spammy links like that in your business costs you thousands of dollars in commissions?

Yup, you read that right. Anytime you use one of those REALLY “ugly” and REALLY LONG affiliate links, it’s costing you sales.

Think about it… your visitors and customers already have their guard up when surfing the web…

Do you think when they land on your site or video and see a “spammy” looking link, you think they’ll want to click on it?

… NO WAY!!!

And if you’re using services like Googl Shortener, TinyURL and Bitly it’s EVEN WORSE!

Those are the same services the spammers use and there’s a reason why even Facebook has blocked those services from being able to be shared on their site.

That’s why a group of genius marketers just released a software called WP Sales Chimp.

WP Sales Chimp allows you to create, customize, track and analyze ALL your marketing links inside of ONE central dashboard…

… Arming you with the power to nearly double your sales almost overnight!

WP Sales Chimp:

  • Puts you back in control of your business and removes you having to use 3rd party services like TinyURL and Bitly
  • Increases your click-thru rates dramatically by making your links “prettier” and more appealing
  • Increases your sales by allowing you to pin-point EXACTLY which links are making you money
  • Allows you to analyze what time of the day people are clicking on your links the most so you can optimize your campaigns
  • Neatly organized ALL of your marketing links from one place so you never lose a link again
  • And much much more…

It’s a tool that EVERY website owner should own.

Check out: WP Sales Chimp – Limited Time Bonus Offer!

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