Lead Magnets Version 2.0 Now Released

Lead Magnets Version 2.0 Now Released

Getting your hands on content that you can give away for free is hard to come by.

That’s why most aspiring marketers have to start from scratch and either create the content themselves or hire someone to do it for them.

Not only is it time consuming and costly, but you still have to think about your main offer and making sales.

Most of the time PLR licenses will stop you from giving away video for free. However today is a different ball game altogether!

Jonathen Teng and his team are back with a second release of their popular ‘Lead Magnets’.

If you were here for their first release you’ll know how valuable their work was… and today is no different!

Here’s what you’ll get…

  • 4x beautifully crafted squeeze pages
  • 4x optimized thank you pages with video already embedded
  • Covers hot topics including ClickBank, Affiliate Marketing, CPA, List Marketing
  • Super high-value training videos to educate your subscribers
  • Each video lasting 8-15 minutes (plenty of content for free leads)
  • Email campaigns to promote related affiliate offers
  • Photoshop PSDs to all graphics for flexibility and maximum editing
  • Researched affiliate swipe files to save you time!

And the benefits of giving away videos as opposed to typical PDFs?

  • Proven sales conversions over PDF report handouts
  • Videos are magnetically more engaging
  • Gives the you the ability to affiliate offers below the video
  • Positions you as the go-to expert

In fact just getting hold of the videos with giveaway rights is what makes it all worthwhile.


And to add more value to this already heavily discounted offer, we’ll add in another 25 PLR/MRR bonuses so you get the most bang for your buck!

BONUS #1 – Mastering ClickBank (Value $47)
BONUS #2 – Foolproof ClickBank Mindset (Value $47)
BONUS #3 – ClickBank Cash Cow Secrets (Value $47)
BONUS #4 – Cracking The CPA Code (Value $47)
BONUS #5 – CPA Marketing Storm (Value $47)
BONUS #6 – List Building Bully (Value $97)
BONUS #7 – Profitable List Building Secrets (Value $47)
BONUS #8 – Affiliate Link Weeder (Value $67)
BONUS #9 – Affiliate Profits (Value $47)
BONUS #10 – Affiliate Marketing (Value $47)
BONUS #11 – List Building Success (Value $97)
BONUS #12 – Simple Affiliate Success (Value $47)
BONUS #13 – Grow Your Home Business (Value $47)
BONUS #14 – Understanding Viral Marketing (Value $47)
BONUS #15 – Facebook Strategies And Profits (Value $47)
BONUS #16 – List Building Madness (Value $47)
BONUS #17 – Marketing And Income Building (Value $47)
BONUS #18 – Easy Keyword Pro (Value $67)
BONUS #19 – The Home Business Guru (Value $47)
BONUS #20 – Video Pro (Value $47)
BONUS #21 – Essential Guide To Free Traffic (Value $47)
BONUS #22 – Promotion Tactics (Value $47)
BONUS #23 – List Building Secrets (Value $47)
BONUS #24 – Email Marketing Tips And Tricks (Value $47)
BONUS #25 – Squeeze Pages Exposed (Value $47)

Grab all this along with the Lead Magnets from this secret link

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