How To Make Money With The Licensing Blowout Products

How To Make Money With The Licensing Blowout Products

If you weren’t already aware, you can get your hands on over 100+ reseller products plus a plethora of other ‘done for you’ material.

This is contains literally YEARS worth of hard work that have been used to help other marketers generate $1000s in profit over the years.

Even to this day each product can easily sell for $17-$27 or more. Factor in the additional content you can mix and match along with the done for you newsletters, beautiful graphics, unrestricted PLR and you have a REAL all-in-one solution that will take you from nothing to a 5, even 6-figure earner!

Not sure how to get the most from these products?… Then let me give you some ideas to get you started…

Idea #1  – Sell individually for a stampede of payments!
Set up each product with their own domain or sub-domain and sell them individually for $7-$27 each for an army of consist payments! You could even slip in a one-time offer and up-sell master resell rights for a higher price (we’ll get on to that later).

Idea #2 – Add extra bonuses to each individual product to make them a no-brainer deal!
Why not add a complementary ebook into the offer and add more value to your products. You can sell at the same price or even raise it for more profits!

Idea #3 – Give-away a PDF to build your list!
Very straight-forward. Simply use the squeeze page provided to hand out a free copy of the PDFs to your site visitors in exchange for their name and email. That way you’re building a strong and solid foundation for your business and open the gates to sell high-ticket products later on in your sales funnel.

Idea #4 – Same as before except this time add a special one-time offer!
Why not make a sale whilst you’re giving away your PDF or a leaked preview of your video course? Simply slip in a special offer right after your visitor has signed up. You could offer rights to the product they just subscribed for, or you can put together a package of other home-study courses and sell personal rights. This technique is used a lot in marketing and works like a charm!

Idea #5 – Cross-sell with other affiliate products on your download pages!
Whether you’re giving your ebook away or selling your course with Master Resell Rights, you can cross-sell with other related affiliate products on your download page. For example, if you’ve just sold a guide on ‘niche marketing for beginners’ you can add a link on your download page that recommends your ‘Niche Expert Blueprint’ video course!

Idea #6 – Cross-sell with your own products on your download pages!
If already have your own product and need more qualified leads to visit your site, why not use the download page as a promotional tool to redirect traffic to your high-ticket product? You’ve already started the transaction by giving something away for free, and your visitors has already accepted the transaction by downloading your gift!

Idea #7 – Package 2 or 3 or more together to create unique themed offers!
Why not mix and match the courses and group them into themes to create your own unique packages? That way you can add more value then just selling one alone! For example, ‘Solo Ad Blueprint’ and ‘JV Secrets’ go hand in hand and would sell better together than they would individually.

Idea #8 – Set up your own video training store!
Simply copy and paste the pre-written sales letters for each video course along with the eCover image and you’ll have a new range of products to sell!

Idea #9 – Start your own video training membership!
You can profit by providing fresh new content for your own membership! This will be a massive time saver because you won’t need to create your own content and do things from scratch as everything is delivered to you on a monthly basis!

There are just so many ways to make money with these products you see here in front of you that it will take all day to go through all the possibilities! Even the ones mentioned here can still be dug into deeper!

If you’re going to take anything away with you today, just take with you the ideas and play around with them. You’ll start to see that money is just waiting on the table!

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