Countdown Monkey Review

Countdown Monkey Review

I’ve always known that adding countdowns to my offers increased sales, so naturally I was interested in anything that would help me make the process easier.

That’s why I was happy to get a chance to get advanced access to “Countdown Monkey” to see if it really was the solution, I’d been searching for.

First of all, let me explain the problems I have had, and what I was looking for to get it resolved.

As I mentioned I’ve know the power of adding countdowns to my offers.

Whenever I’ve added a countdown in the past, it has worked like a magic wand, plunking fence sitters on the head, reminding them that if they bookmark my deal or go Googling the web for a better deal they are more than likely going to forget about my offer until it’s too late.

I’ve experienced huge conversion boosts from adding simple countdowns in the past so I wasn’t surprised by the documented claim of 350% increases in conversions by the makers of “Countdown Monkey”. In fact, this increase might even be a little understated.

The problem I had was actually in the logistics of implementing countdowns to all of my offers!

Some of my offers use .html templates, some of my sites use .php pages and I also use WordPress a lot, and so each time I wanted to add a countdown I needed to figure out some sort of code that would work.

Although it took time, I did find code that worked in most circumstances but the best I could say about it was that it “worked”.

Unfortunately, while I could find code that “worked” the results on the page looked “Butt Ugly” as I was forced to use web-safe fonts for the countdowns and this made them look rather “Plain Jane” and not very professional on the pages.

Plus, try as I might, my best countdown timers would look screwed-up in some browsers and almost never worked on smartphones or tablets.

So, each time I had to make a decision… Should I create countdown timers for offers that I knew would boost sales through the most popular browsers – even when I knew that my pages would look so screwed-up on smartphones and tablets that I’d risk totally alienating all mobile customers!

As more and more people shop with their smartyphones you can see why this was an increasingly hard decision to make!

Thanks to “Countdown Monkey” I don’t need to make those sorts of decisions anymore, nor do I have to waste time writing any code!

With “Countdown Monkey” all I need to do is log into the web app service’s control panel, spend a few seconds filling out fields in a form. (How long do I want to have the countdown run, what color, what style and etc.).

After I fill out the form and check a few boxes and press save, “Countdown Monkey” spits out a code snippet I can put on any kind of website, (.html, .php, and any WordPress Page or Post) and I have a beautiful working countdown timer that looks and works in all browsers, even smartyphones and tablets!

Best of all they look awesome!

“Countdown Monkey” countdown timers don’t look like “Butt Ugly” flipping font numbers either!


The creators of “Countdown Monkey” either created or purchased some awesome graphics for their timers, so they really look like expensive clocks or automobile odometers.

They look so great they give a burst of sophistication and add additional perceived value to the offers they are used on. I can’t give “Countdown Monkey” enough accolades!

If you want to blow your conversions up, and add sophistication and additional perceived value to all of your offers in minutes, then “Countdown Monkey” is the only new sales tool that you’ll need this year!

See the “Countdown Monkey” web app on here!

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