YouTuber – Extract Unlimited Keyword Related Leads From YouTube

YouTuber - Extract Unlimited Keyword Related Leads From YouTube

I’ve just downloaded an extremely fast and accurate desktop application used to scrape unlimited leads from

It’s called YouTuber and will extract unlimited keyword related leads in under 60 seconds.

Simply import or type your keyword or keywords into the field provided, set the number of results required, tick the type of data you want to extract, choose from video title, user name, description, number of views and when it was uploaded.

If you use YouTube as a source of marketing data, you can now streamline your data gathering and extraction by using YouTuber the fast and accurate desktop application which will scrape YouTube for data and download into convenient, keyword related CSV files.

If you have yet to consider YouTube as a resource for leads, perhaps it’s time to rethink the possibilities of how YouTube can become an amazing marketing resource for your business. Of course you can go to YouTube and do a keyword related search, but it won’t be presented in a nice neat format ready to download and refer to from your desktop or upload to your database.

Plus YouTuber will extract several areas of data including most importantly the video description which in 95% of cases includes a website URL for finding contact us forms, plus business telephone numbers so its a great way to create a database for off liners to call.

Its amazingly simple and extremely powerful, download yours today!

To learn more about YouTuber please click here.

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