Smart Recurring Income – What’s It All About?

Smart Recurring Income

Smart Recurring Income is step-by-step exact blueprint training course delivered via a secure membership site by Mark Wallace. The training is designed to teach the exact steps to making $50-$100 a day in recurring income.

Mark delivers a no nonsense, a non fluffy multi-media training course that teaches members the exact steps they must take in order to start making $50-$100 a day within 30 days. The main video training is broken down into bite sized, step-by-step actionable instructions, to help you fast-track the training, individual cheat sheets & task sheets are provided for every module.

Then every Wednesday there will be a weekly follow up webinar to compliment the content and help fast track members. Here, you will join Mark LIVE to help progress your niche business and explore deeper into the training modules.

You will have full uninterrupted access to Mark; get your pressing questions answered; you have and listen as occasional “special” guest speakers take to the stage and blow you away!

Smart Recurring Income is a truly step-by-step, in-depth training experience on what Mark does and how he does it, so you can earn Recurring Income too!!

Mark has mastered the art of niche research and discovering exactly how to provide valuable, money generating content to “hot” prospects that are actively searching for solutions to their pressing problems!

What You Get…

He likes to teach the way he likes to be taught… In a simple straightforward, step-by-step manner, one that his regular customers seem to love! Smart Recurring Income delivers the following:

Module 1 – Headspace
Mindset & Productivity, two of the most overlooked and underrated elements to ensure you make it online… Don’t Chase The Money, Let The Money Chase You!
The Basics – How To Make Money Online, he lays down the dos and don’ts so that you understand how to build your online foundations.

Module 2 – Niche Seduction
His ultimate laser targeted niche selection process, how to research it, and ensure its gonna be a winner for you. Quite possibly the most indepth training available!

Module 3 – Pinpointing A Targeted Market
Give your prospects exactly what they want, when they want it!
Stepping into your prospects shoes.
Who are they, what are their wants, needs, desires…

Module 4 – Your USP & Hook
98% of marketers ignore this step & that his friend is why they struggle with inconsistent income.
How to craft a killer USP and hook your prospects in a way that they almost throw money at you.

Module 5 – Outlining Your Sales Funnel
Without a robust sales funnel, you’ve got nothing, he takes you by the hand and show you what works and how you should craft a sale funnel for maximum conversions.

Module 6 – Email Marketing Lifeblood
Email is the lifeblood of any online business, yet so many marketers don’t see the immense value in creating compelling emails and follow up campaigns, he provides a step-by-step sequence.

Module 7 – Site Mastery
You’re going to need website/blog or squeeze page, he’ll walk you through the process of crafting a compelling site that makes customers want to buy from you.
Comprehensive step-by-step instructions on how to configure your site (that he’s provided FOC).
Crafting your sales process for maximum conversions, how to position yourself to generate sales whilst providing extreme value to your customers.

Module 8 – Your Awesome Traffic Sauce
Traffic, traffic, traffic, most newbies nemesis, he’ll teach you everything he knows about targeting your audience, getting your message out there and generating traffic that converts.
The money is STILL in the list, learn how to build a highly targeted list of buyers quickly.

Module 9 – Delegate And Outsource
You can’t do everything yourself, outsourcing is so important, you will need some help, he’ll show you how not to get stung by rip off freelancers.
Customer is king, keep them happy for long term income.
Cultivating your niche empire.

Module 10 – Case Studies
Documenting the process, building lists and making $50-$100 days.

Who Is Mark Wallace?

Mark Wallace is a regular bloke who makes money online globally, and based out of the United Kingdom.

You’ve probably never heard his name in “guru” circles (and maybe never will). He doesn’t speak on stages to sell everything to and anything to the locked in masses, he’s just a regular bloke from the UK who specialises in niche markets (some embarrassing :)…). He’s the creator of the hugely successful “Embarrassing Product” Series of IM products that have sold in excess of 6000 units.

He has been specializing in niche and “embarrassing” markets for over 6 years, both in eCommerce, affiliate marketing, and as a product creator. He’s sold over $3.3 million worth of products online, so he knows a thing or two about these markets!

Started with ebay years ago… thought outside of the box and started importing “embarrassing” products to the UK from the USA, products that the UK had never seen!

He had a particular market to himself for 8 months and went from $0 made online to over $150,000 in those 8 months! As his product range expanded, his earnings increased, add to the mix, eCommerce sites, affiliate marketing, and drop shipping and you have a pretty healthy income!

And the beauty of it is, he’s yet to scratch the surface in the niche markets, by 2020 there will be 5 Billion internet users, and that figure does not count mobile and tablet users… There are literally 10,000’s of niche markets out there, most are underserviced by poor marketers, the opportunity to make a killing is still there… Let him show you how!

Check Out Smart Recurring Income Here!

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