WP Ad Genie Tutorial

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The video above is about 8 minutes long, yet it demonstrates how easy Ad Genie is to use, far better than text. We know you will love WP Ad Genie so much, that there will be no questions about how it works after watching the video!

Main points of WP Ad Genie:

  1. Make visitors notice your ads again.
  2. Hold attention. People like cool visuals on web pages. This will even cause your bounce rate to go down.
  3. Ad Genie uses the WordPress post editor functions. So you can virtually put anything in an ad that you would like.
  4. You can set the ads to be closeable by the user, or make them unable to be closed. If you set the ads as closeable, you can set Ad Genie to a set number of days before ads are displayed to the same user again. You can also set it so ads will always be displayed, but they are allowed to close them for that instance.
  5. Links that you have set for the images you may be showing, or text links in these ads, will not show the affiliate link. So people will see a link that looks like it is just a link on your site. Typically the link will be: http://YOURDOMAIN.com/# That will be what they see in the status bar of their browser, if they look.
  6. You can do right to left, left to right, or top to bottom, bottom to top.
  7. There are 14 different in and out animations. Bounce In, Bounce In Direction, Fade In, Fade In Direction, Flip In, Lightspeed In, Roll In, Rotate In, Rotate In Down Left, Rotate In Down Right, Rotate In Up Left, Rotate In Up Right, Swing, Tada.
  8. You can set the transparency level, so that the site can still be seen when the ad transitions to the new location.
  9. Because of the grouping ability of ads, you can keep ads grouped tightly by niche. Display the same ads, or basically tell a story with your ads. Since the ads will run in the order you specify. You can be as creative as you want to be.
  10. All upgrades to the plugin are free. You will actually be notified in your admin panel that an upgrade is available, just like many other programs. So updating is quick and easy.

Now you see how Ad Genie will bring New Life and New Clicks to your Ads!

Put “WP Ad Genie” to work for you now!

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