Online Marketing Tactics: Social Network Marketing

In the last issue we talked about pay per click advertising and how it can benefit your business. In this issue we are going to talk about social network marketing and what makes it such a powerful online marketing tactic for business.

Online Marketing Tactics: Social Network Marketing

Social network marketing is rapidly changing the way that people do business online. It doesn’t matter whether you have a traditional off-line business or your business is completely built online. You can use the power of social network marketing to increasing brand awareness, attract more customers and increase your profits faster than ever before.

With millions of people logging into online social networks every day, it only makes sense that business owners big and small have learned how to take full advantage of the money making potential on these massive networks.

Social network marketing is an extremely powerful tactic that can literally put you and your business in front of hundreds of thousands of targeted, engaged consumers faster than any other advertising media available. It can help you connect and build long- term customer and business relationships that would not have been as easily attainable a few short years ago.

With Facebook being one of the largest and most powerful social networks online it only makes sense that there are hundreds of marketing tools available that can help you market your business on their social platform. In fact, many of these tools are provided by Facebook themselves. While others are created by outside developers.

These tools can provide you with a wide variety of options, including the ability to add friends to your account automatically, get likes for your page faster and even run contests to create buzz for your business.

Did you know that there are more 5.6 billion mobile phone users on the planet today and the majority of them have some type of Facebook or social media application on their smart phones?

Facebook filters make it easy for businesses to connect with people around the world or in their own local area with the simple tic of a box. This filtering makes it possible for business owners to reach certain demographics of people at certain times with a specifically targeted marketing message. Making it possible for businesses to target their market in a whole new way.

Twitter is another great platform for social network marketing. Even though you are limited to 140 characters per message savvy marketers have found a way to utilize Twitter for their own personal gains. One of the main ways that marketers take advantage of Twitter is by targeting their messages with specific keywords. Google loves Twitter, so by crafting the message properly they can be assured that their message will show up in the Google search results.

Just like Facebook there are wide variety of tools and applications that can be used to enhance Twitter marketing campaigns. These apps can do everything from automatically add followers to your account, set up automated Tweets, send out messages or add twitter feeds to your websites and Facebook pages, allowing you to post across a variety of platforms at the same time.

But, Facebook and Twitter are the only game in town when it comes to marketing your business on social networks. Just do a simple search online for popular social networks and you will find a multitude of other options including LinkedIn, Google +, LiveJournal and more.

There is no doubt that the power of social networking marketing is changing the way that people do business online or that it can be harnessed by any business that savvy enough to take full advantage of everything that these massive networks have to offer.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about email marketing and how you can use this proven online marketing tactic to get more customers for your business.

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