Online Marketing Tactics: Article Marketing

In the last issue we talked about online marketing and how you can use it
build credibility and develop a presence online
. In this issue we are going to focus
on article marketing and how you can use this powerful tactic to promote your
business, products and services.

Online Marketing Tactics: Article Marketing

As we well know promotion is very important aspect for any business. One of the best free methods of online promotion is writing and submitting articles on a variety of authority sites, article directories, blogs and other social media platforms.

Article marketing provides (you) the author with the unique opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise on specific topics with others. It has the extra added benefit of elevating the authors authority status in their marketplace.

Not only is article marketing free it’s actually very easy once you get the hang of it. This is especially if you have a talent for writing and can still be accomplished even if you don’t, because you can hire someone to write the articles for you.

Article marketing can benefit your business in several ways. Not only can it help make you an authority in your market, it can boost your online credibility and drive traffic to your website. It can also generate backlinks and boost your search engine ranking as well.

When it comes to starting an article marketing campaign your three basic steps you must take:

  • The first step is choosing your topic.
  • The second step is researching, outlining and writing your article.
  • The third step is submitting your article for publication and syndication.

Choosing your topic:

When it comes to choosing the topic of your article it will depend on several different factors including what target market you are trying to reach and what is the purpose of the article. Are trying build credibility, promote a product or get backlinks to your website?

If you are trying to build your online credibility then you will want your topic to be extremely focused on what the market wants. On the other hand if you’re trying to promote a product then you will want make sure that your topic is focused on what that product can do for the consumer. When you’re trying to build backlinks to your website then you will need to focus more on carefully chosen keywords designed to rank high in the search engine.

Researching, outlining and writing:

One of the most in parts of crafting articles specifically for marketing purposes is that you make sure you are bringing value and expertise into the marketplace. Unless you are a world-class expert on the subject you are planning to write about it’s a good idea to do your research before you begin the writing process to ensure that you have all of the facts straight before you publish.

Creating an outline is a very good idea because it will give you a clear direction to follow as well as help make the writing process easier. Your outline should include ideas for your introductory paragraph, three to five supporting topic ideas as well as a closing paragraph.

The writing process also includes creating a bio or resource box to attach to your article when submitting it for publication. this whole area of text can actually be one of the most important parts of your article marketing strategy. It should include some vital information about yourself your qualifications and contact information especially a link back to your website that entices people to click through for more information.

Submitting your article:

Once you have completed your article it will be time to submit. There are many different ways you can do this as well. You can publish them on your own website or blog. You can also post them on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites, but for maximum exposure you will want to submit to online directories and authority sites for syndication this way other people can publish your article spreading your message across the Internet.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about using link building as an online traffic tactic.

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