Sales Page Blueprints Video Course

“Who Else Wants To Crank Out Profit-Pulling Letters And See Their Conversion Rates Shoot Through The Roof… Starting Today!”

Become Your Own Instant Expert At Writing Master Pieces That Sell… And Convert Twice Or Triple As Many Customers!

Sales Page Blueprints Video Course

How would you like to crank out your own profit-pulling letters that sell and do it within hours instead of days, weeks or even months?

Direct Response Sales Copies are FAR from dead, contrary to what many people might have you believed. You see, back in the 1960’s many people speculated that magazines and newsletters will phase out when the television was newly introduced.

Hey, we’re in the 2000’s now and what do you think? Do people still read magazines? YEP. Is Direct Response Marketing a thriving business? MORE THAN EVER. On the other hand, how many people walk off and buy something after watching an ad on TV now? NOT OFTEN.

“Direct Response Sales Copies WIN…
Hands Down.”

If you remember the last time you bought a product you probably were convinced by a sales letter before making your purchase – and I rest my case on that.

As a matter of fact, most marketing experts are making their millions online selling more volumes of their products which otherwise couldn’t have been achieved without the aid of a better written copy.

Sales copies act like your personal sales man, only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… Pretty much like what you’re reading right now, so you know I’m walking my talk.

“This Is The Reason Why Top Gun
Copywriters Are Paid Big Bucks…”

But the problem is that whatever these copywriting masters are charging, it’s beyond the budget of many frugal and starting Internet Marketers.

Chances are, you’re one of them. And if you are selling anything online – and I mean ANYTHING – having a sales copy or not is like LIFE and DEATH for your business.

Can you afford NOT to get at least a decent sales copy? This might just cost you more than getting a professional expert to write on your behalf.

This sends most new marketers on a budget to an edge where they can only decide between the worse and worst.

Think about it:

If you don’t have a sales letter that converts, you will only waste your traffic generation efforts,

Even if you spend big bucks to line up the pockets of an expert copywriter, that usually means a longer time before you can even cover your investment back, and

Now this may come as a shocking truth – but there is no guarantee even if you engage an expert copywriter. What if your offer isn’t compelling enough? No one else knows your product better than you do unless the copywriter takes your business as serious as his own.

But is a few grand worth the risk?

“But What If I Tell You That… YOU can actually
become a pro copywriter as well?”

NO, you don’t need special qualifications to do this. As long as you can type with the keyboard, you stand as much chance producing your own profit-pulling sales letters.

And see your conversion rates soar through the roof!

… And repeat the same step for every product you are selling online – over and over again.

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling your own digital product, physical product, or merely an affiliate for someone else…

Finally you can outgun your competitors, bring in twice or Triple as many sales, increase your conversion results by as much as 50% – 300% from your visitors…

… And not be at the mercy of expensive copywriters!

“Introducing The Step-By-Step Videos
To Sales Page Blueprints…”

Video #1: Introduction to Sales Page Blueprints and Tools You’ll Need

Video #2: Identifying your Prospect

Video #3: Sales letter Format: Layout, Fonts, Width of Letter, Coloring

Video #4: Sales Letter Format: Long Letter vs. Short Letter – Which is Better? Using Links Correctly

Video #5: Writing Your Sales letter – Top Area: Headline, Sub-headline, Addressing the Prospect, Introduction

Video #6: Writing Your Sales letter – Middle Area: Announcing Your Product Or Service Solution, Benefits and Features

Video #7: Writing Your Sales Letter – Bottom Area: Endorsements / Testimonials, Proof, Bonus, Guarantee, Call to Action, P.S Areas

Video #8: Real Life Example – We’ll Take What We Learned Above and Apply It To A Real Life Sales Letter

Video #9: How to Use Google’s Website Optimizer Feature… For Split Testing Your Conversions

“It’s Like Looking Over The Shoulders
Of An Expert Top Gun Copywriter At Work!”

Forget eBooks that just show you theories or ‘what it might be like’. When you learn to write your first money-raking copy, I will be walking you through the steps – leaving no stones un-turned.

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