Quality PPC For Beginners Video Course

“What’s That?.. Google AdWords Is Still Burning A Hole In Your Pocket?”

Stop Gambling Your Hard Earn Cash On Wasted, Unwanted Clicks And
Grab Pay-Per-Click By The Horns!

New 6-Part Video Course Sets The Record Straight Once And For All!

Quality PPC For Beginners Video Course

  • DON’T Waste Your Time Guessing Which Keywords Are Profitable..
  • DON’T Waste Your Hard-Earned Cash On Unwanted, Untargeted, Half-Interested Clicks..
  • FINALLY Get Laser Targetted, Highly Precise Visitors That Actually WANT What You Have To Offer!

Pay-Per-Click traffic is huge because it’s instant traffic.

I mean think about. How would you like to get instant traffic directly to your website or landing page, without having to spend time with Search Engine Optimization? There’s nothing wrong with SEO or other marketing methods, but “instant” is usually what draws people to this type of marketing.

But the question is… is it truly instant?

Only once you have your campaign setup and ready to go is it instant. Now the only downside is you need to be prepared to whip out your wallet on a constant basis, especially if you’re just following everyone else on the PPC planet who are aiming to get more clicks than focusing their minds on conversions. But there’s a way to change your mindset.

Is AdWords Worth It?

Of course. Using AdWords especially with all the campaign stats they give you, using this method is a great way to test out whether the market you are in is profitable or not. But doing it wrong can give you the opposite results.

You see, a while back, I used PPC Marketing and I failed miserably. I read manuals after manuals and ebooks after ebook. I failed so many months that I just gave up!

Then 3 years later I gave it a chance and it worked brilliantly!

The key?… Brainstorming and changing my methods of getting clicks. As the saying goes, it’s not about quantity, but quality. It’s not about how many clicks one keyword is getting, but if that traffic can really convert when it hits your landing page. Your landing page is very important as well, so they work hand in hand.

I’ve seen it all the time, people are thinking about how many click thrus they can get, NOT how many of those clicks can become sales and whether they’re sending people to a good landing page or not.

What do you think of when ‘Pay-Per-Click’ comes to mind?

  • “PPC is like a stock market that crashes every time you put your keywords in!”
  • “You’ve experienced no click thrus at all”
  • “You are getting click thrus, but they’re just not converting into sales”
  • “It’s a waste of time”
  • “I’m gambling my hard earn money away on nothing yet again..”
  • “It only works for people that have enough money to throw around to experiment…”

What Are Your Thoughts?

I’m sure you’ve been there, in fact most are still going through this phase. It’s only when you stand back and give it another shot at a different approach that things can really start to make sense.

In this video series, you’ll have access to 6 content packed videos that will show you how to really get clicks that convert.  Instead of starting at the point where you create your AdWords account and campaign, you’re going to learn what is required of you before you jump in only to discover later why you are not getting conversions.

Video #1: Understanding Quality Clicks Over Quantity

Video #2: Test Example And Brainstorming

Video #3: Keyword Tools To Help You

Video #4: Creating A Google AdWords Account

Video #5: Creating An AdGroup And Campaign

Video #6: How To Tweak Your Campaign And AdGroup For Maximum Profits!

You see, PPC doesn’t have to be a pain in the rear – no, far from it! With this clear video guide you’ll see for yourself …

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