PLR Newsletter Blowout – Make Money With Resell Rights

Is Your Lack Of Knowledge And Willingness To Write Quality  Newsletters Standing In The Way Of You Building A Better Business Relationship With Your Subscribers?

FEAR NOT!… You Can Finally COPY AND PASTE Your Way To A More Attentive List Using My Prewritten Emails!… Even If You Haven’t Got A Clue About The Subject!

A Quality List Is No More Limited To The Gurus!

PLR Newsletter Blowout - Make Money With Resell Rights

I’m sure you’re no stranger to the word ‘list’ now are you?

List building and email marketing is probably one of the first skills that any marketer is taught and yet we just shrug it off like there’s not much to it and there’s some easier and better way of making money online.

True there are many ways of making money online, but they may be difficult, costly, risky and short term. Having and maintaining a strong following of subscribers however is here to stay. FACT.

Everyone knows how to build a list. You set up a single landing page, add your web capture form and then send traffic to your page. You start getting new subscribers and hey presto you’re list building! I don’t need to tell you this because you’ve had it drummed into your head many times before! This is the easy part.

The problem is where do you go from there? How do you turn those subscribers who are just sitting there into hot attentive buyers who will willingly read every one of your emails and click your links – whether it’s an affiliate link or not? How do you make money with a list?

Answer: You need to gain their trust.

The great thing about trust however is that it can’t be cheated. There is are no shortcuts and trust has to be earned. You cannot start building your list and expect people to read and buy every single product you promote. It’s just not going to happen.

Your job as a marketer is to show that you’re willing to help the person on the other end by educating and problem-solving. Only when your subscriber achieves a results (no matter how small), will they start paying attention to you.

So how do you go about educating and problem-solving when you are unsure of the subject youself?… Well you can do either of the following….

1. Research your market and write useful, helpful content

2. Pay someone to research the market and write content for you

3. Grab PLR (Private Label Rights) to content that has already been written

I think you can imagine which one is the most time and cost-effective…

I mean, why on earth would you want to spend hours, even days writing great emails on a subject that you’re fairly new to when it’ll be cheaper, faster and easier to just copy and paste what someone else has already done?

This is why you’re on this page today.

I’m Giving You The Chance To Copy And Paste My ‘Info-Only’ Newsletters So That Can Gain Instant Credibility…

And More Importantly, Trust With Your Subscribers!

Now I realize that you’ve come to this page most likely as a beginner but what you should know by now is that PLR allows you to jump ahead of the line and start achieving more in less time.

These newsletters I’m about to hand over to you are being used by myself to build a strong bond with my new subscribers.

If for example I want to help my subscribers start making money on eBay, I’d provide them with an eCourse on how to dubplicate CDs efficiently so they could start selling more.

If I want to help my subscribers generate traffic with free reports, I’d provide them with an eCourse specifically on how to write reports and how to distribute them.

Right now as you’re reading this, there people actively searching for these nuggets of information. Why not be the one who provides this information to them in the form of an eCourse? You help them develop, and they in turn take you seriously when you have a product or recommendation! It really is a win-win situation.

Sounds Good, But How Does It Work?

eCourses are just a set of emails that are drip-fed periodically over a span of time, usually 1-2 apart. The benefit of deliving an eCourse to a visitor instead of all the information at once is that you’ll be feeding bite-size amounts of information and keeping in constant contact with them, rather than handing over a 100+ page PDF and them forgetting who you are or where it came from.

And because the internet is getting more and more distracting, eCourses serve as a useful reminder to the subscriber of who you are and how you’ve helped them. This is essentially what this business it all about.

To get up and running, all you have to do is load the emails into your auto-responder with a simple copy and paste. As long as you have an auto-responder and some method of collecting subscribers (i.e. with a squeeze page) your eCourse can take effect immediately and start doing it’s job of building a bond with your subscribers. From there you’re in a better position to add your other promo emails and even send out broadcast emails for new offers.

This is very easy and very straight forward. It does not have to be anymore complicated than that which is why I like this business model so much. It filters out ‘scammers’ and leaves only the honest people behind.

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