Covert Viral Wizard – Makes Blogs Look, Feel and Work Like Tumblr

Covert Viral Wizard - Makes Blogs Look, Feel and Work Like Tumblr

This is a super hot new WordPress theme that makes your blog look, feel and work just like Tumblr!

Tumblr is super hot right now – it’s the fastest growing social network in the world and it has some of the most active users.

Millions of users have already been “trained” to use Tumblr in a certain way – many of them have become outright addicted to it.

Covert Store Builder – The Most Powerful WordPress Theme Ever Made

Covert Store Builder

The World’s First Intelligent, Self Optimizing WordPress Affiliate Store Theme

Over the past year the “IM Wealth Builders” have released 11 super powerful WordPress plugins and themes.

Each of them have cause a big stir in the internet marketing world with over 50,000 people grabbing a copy, and the forum have been overflowing with raving reviews.

And now the “IM Wealth Builders” success team are taking it one step further, releasing their super powerful WordPress theme…

The Best WordPress Training

The Best WordPress Training - IM Wealth Builders

“Transform Your WordPress Blog Into A Lean, Mean Marketing Machine!..”

Many people recommend WordPress as the ultimate solution for building websites online, with good reason.

It’s not just for blogging anymore, in fact, it’s become the standard for do it yourself website builders who don’t want to be locked into the LIMITATIONS of using the “site builders” that many hosting companies provide and control.

Countdown Monkey Review

Countdown Monkey Review

I’ve always known that adding countdowns to my offers increased sales, so naturally I was interested in anything that would help me make the process easier.

That’s why I was happy to get a chance to get advanced access to “Countdown Monkey” to see if it really was the solution, I’d been searching for.

First of all, let me explain the problems I have had, and what I was looking for to get it resolved.

As I mentioned I’ve know the power of adding countdowns to my offers.

Whenever I’ve added a countdown in the past, it has worked like a magic wand, plunking fence sitters on the head, reminding them that if they bookmark my deal or go Googling the web for a better deal they are more than likely going to forget about my offer until it’s too late.

FREE 3:37min VIDEO – See Why You Are Failing With List Building

Solo Ad Wizard

If you weren’t already aware I have released a new course dedicated to teaching you how to build your list fast with the power of solo ads.

Not only that but you’ll learn how to make your money back with every solo ad investment you make and more importantly maintain a bond with your list to ensure you’re getting the most out of every promotion you send out in the future.

Listen, email marketing is a lot like a long distance marathon. To succeed big and long term you’ve got to have a plan of action, think long term and have a proven formula that you can apply again and again with complete confidence.

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